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Book Recognized Internationally for Substantial Contribution to the DisciplinShingo Prize Logoe of Operational Excellence in Healthcare

LOGAN, Utah— The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence will award “Lean-Led Hospital Design: Creating the Efficient Hospital of the Future” by Naida Grunden and Charles Hagood with the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award at the 25th Annual Shingo Prize International Conference. 

“Receipt of the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award signifies an authors’ significant contribution to the body of knowledge surrounding operational excellence,” said Robert Miller, executive director of The Shingo Prize. ““The intent is to motivate others to learn from them.”

By “challenging” or competing for an award, authors invite a group of accomplished professionals and trained examiners from The Shingo Prize to thoroughly review their publications. The examiners select the publications they think are worthy of recognition.

Lean-Led Hospital Design” explores the process and possibilities of designing hospitals – not simply hospital operations, but the physical buildings themselves – within a collaborative environment maintaining efficiency as the common goal. The authors discuss how correct hospital designs have increased and will continue to increase patient safety while eliminating waste, reducing travel and waiting times, lowering costs and, generally, easing some of healthcare’s most persistent problems.

“Finally! Proof that lean can do for hospitals what they have already so spectacularly done for industry – improve processes, create dramatic bottom-line results and align the work culture…and now, while saving lives,” said Gwendolyn Galsworth, visual workplace expert and author of “Work That Makes Sense & Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking.” “Grunden and Hagood make an irrefutable case. Hospital infrastructure in the United States is in a disastrous state of decay and insufficiency. The need for new structures – and new paradigms of thinking – is urgent. A beautifully researched and logically delineated book, ‘Lean-Led Hospital Design’ is a must-read for everyone associated with hospital running and planning – preferably before any action is taken in the old ‘design-bid-build’ sequence.”

Grunden and Hagood will receive the award during the opening social of the 25th Annual Shingo Prize International Conference held in Provo, Utah, the week of May 6-10, 2013. 

About The Shingo Prize

The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence is an organization housed at Utah State University and named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in concepts, management systems and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Business System. Drawing from Dr. Shingo’s teachings, The Shingo Prize helps companies and organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness by developing cultures that better tap the talents of their employees. It also awards and recognizes organizations that demonstrate exceptional results from applying its philosophy and recognizes authors who have contributed important insights and applications of the principles it teaches. Those interested in more information about The Shingo Prize or in registering to attend the 25th Annual International Conference may visit